Automated Publishing Solutions

At Beige Technologies, we recognize and address the need for companies to minimize resources and maximize their return on investment. Through proven solutions, we can enable your organization to achieve dramatic improvements in your current production processes.

Automated Database & Data Source Publishing

We employ powerful database publishing software applications that allow rapidly configuration, testing, and deployment of database publishing projects. Our automated solutions have a number of major capabilities that makes it the best database publishing solution:

  • Rapid prototyping & deployment of publishing projects.

  • Single source to multiple outputs including print and online formats.

  • Database independence - connection to multiple ODBC compliant data sources, and other file formats, for publishing.

  • Flexible formatting capability for tables, images, multi-column text, and pages.

  • Proven technology

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) enables interactive setup and modifications

  • Enables efficient in-house production of complex publishing projects

Output is generated in a variety of formats, including:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe FrameMaker

  • Adobe PDF

  • XML, HTML, and other online formats

The automated solutions we offer have been successfully implemented for a variety of data sources for a wide variety of industries. Contact us today for more information!

ePublishing Services

We offer a wide range of services in the production of both printed and electronic document & information publishing. We can assist you with any or all aspects of the documentation & publishing process, including:

  • Process design & implementation

  • Document design & layout

  • Template design

  • Formatting

  • Technical writing

  • Document editing & maintenance

  • File conversion

  • Graphics design, creation & editing

  • Project management

We will help you to acheive your production goals according to your schedule, in a professional, quality manner. We provide the expertise to apply towards a wide variety of documentation & electronic publishing projects. Here are a few examples of the types of documentation we can help you to produce:

  • Technical manuals

  • Training manuals

  • Software documentation

  • Parts catalogs

  • Technical proposals & reports

  • Marketing documentation

  • & more!!

We use the latest software and technology available in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

Standard Software Applications

For our technical documentation and ePublishing solutions, we specialize in, but are not limited to, the following software applications:

  • Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection

  • Adobe Technical Communication Suite

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe FrameMaker

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe FireWorks

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe DreamWeaver

  • WebWorks ePublisher Professional

  • And many others!

In addition to delivering your documentation in it's native application format, we can provide you with any of the following output formats:

  • Adobe PDF

  • HTML - HyperText Markup Language

  • XML - Extensible Markup Language

  • And others!

If you have any questions at all on any of our services or solutions, contact us today by phone at 480.507.0991 or email at

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