Database Design & Development

We have years of experience with design, development and implementation of custom database solutions. We provide services to assist you in the following key areas:

  • Database Design - With our advanced database expertise, we can help you expedite the design, development, and integration of your complex database implementations.

  • Database Reporting & Publishing - Bringing our skills in automated publishing, we provide robust solutions for database reporting and high volume automated publishing of your database content to address a countless array of output requirements.

  • Usability - We focus on making the user experience as uncomplicated as possible. With our well-rounded expertise in usability assessment, documentation development, and graphics design & production, we provide effective solutions to enhance the usability of your database applications.

Database Design

  • Design Specification Development - We can work with your staff to develop your database design requirements and specifications to best suit the needs of your organization.

  • Complete Application Development - We'll assist your team in the development of your application from inception through design, development, documentation and production roll-out.

  • Relational Database Development - We provide the expertise to design and develop relational databases.

Database Publishing & Reporting

  • Implementation of custom database publishing solutions to produce both printed and online formats. Learn more about our automated publishing solutions.

  • Implementation of and integration with data retrieval systems such as Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Analysis.

Usability Enhancement

With our advanced skills in software and user documentation development, we can assist you to enhance the usability of your complex database implementations. We provide the following services::

  • Usability Assessment - We'll assist you in identifying the best way to enhance your database implementation(s) for your end-users.

  • Project Planning - Identify the tools and resources required and plan the implementation of your database projects.

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support - We will provide ongoing maintenance and support to assist you in assuring a successful production implementation.

  • User Documentation & Online Help - We will implement a solution that incorporates single-source production methods for simultaneous production of context-sensitive help systems and several online and print output formats.

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